How To: Add a Report -

How To: Add a Report


When users clock in via smartphone or tablet, a report is automatically created under the "reports" tab. However, a manager, owner, or user with appropriate access may manually add a report for any employee by following the steps below:

1. Login to your account at
2. Click the "Reports" tab
3. Click the "Add New" button on the right side of the page and it will open the Add Report screen
4. In the "employee name" field type the name of the employee that you wish to add a report for and select their name from the list that populates
5. Click the Clock In field and select a date and time for the start time of the report. Note: If you want the employee to clock out via smartphone, do not add a clock out time.
6. If you wish to assign this report to a project you may do so by clicking "Assign to Existing Project" and then clicking assign next to any of your existing projects.
7. If you wish to add a new project and assign it to this report, you may do so by clicking "Assign to New Project", entering the project name and address, and clicking "Add and Assign"
8. Once you have filled out the necessary information on the "Add Report" page, click "Save" on the bottom right of the page. Note: You can click the "Add another" checkbox next to the "Save" button to open another blank "Add Report" page after you click the "Save" button.
9. Once you've added and saved a new report, you will be brought to the "view report" page for the report you just added. Note: Make sure the clock in and out times you added don't overlap with another existing report for that employee
If you need any help along the way, feel free to contact the ClockInEasy Support Team via chat, phone, or email at anytime!