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Keeping Client And Employee Data Safe In A Remote Team

Working remotely is a necessity for organizations looking to recruit and retain a pool of talent. Today, data security when managing a remote team is...


How to Effectively Manage Payroll for your Business

If there's one aspect of business administration that should run smoothly at all times, it's the payroll process. Mistakes are not only embarrassing ...


Best Tech Strategies for Small Business Owners

The technology needs of businesses today are greater than ever. Small business owners should note that many technological advances and software c...


Part-Time Worker Bill of Rights Act – What is it and What Could it Mean for Your Business?

As the holiday season is now in our rear view mirror, it is a good time to reflect on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s bill to protect part-time work...


How To Protect Your Client’s Privacy

Small businesses across the country are easy targets for cyber criminals. Many lack the understanding necessary to keep their customers’ informatio...


FLSA Classification: What does your FLSA status mean?

What is FLSA status? How do you determine the FLSA classification for your company's employees? Before you can determine whether or not your emplo...


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