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    How to Prevent Employees from Forgetting to Clock in And Out

    When you chose to encourage employee efficiency at your office, it was perhaps because of your staff members' inefficiency.  You sat down with yo...


    What is a 9/80 work schedule? What are the benefits and challenges?

    Though about 80 percent of businesses adhere to the standard 9-5 work schedule, others find the new 9/80 schedule worth it. According to Telegraph, d...


    Exempt vs. Non-exempt employees: What’s the difference?

    If you're an employer, you’ve probably heard of an exempt vs nonexempt employee before and are wondering what the difference between them is. If...


    What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Remote Working?

    Remote work is quickly becoming a lifestyle now more than ever. Almost every person today is familiar with or has worked remotely at some point.There...


    Why Is Business Performance Management Important?

    An effective management strategy is the number one factor that determines the productivity of your teams and the profitability of the business. ...


    Why is Employee Retention important? Top Employee Retention Factors

    Why is retention important? What is a retention factor? What are the benefits of employee retention? Imagine working with an organization for ...


    How to Write a Fair Employee Attendance Policy

    Looking for a way to curb employee tardiness and absences? Having an employee attendance policy in place can help curb this issue. While we all run a...


    How to Document Employee Performance and Behavior Issues

    How do you motivate employees who aren’t your top performers? What happens to those employees who consistently show poor performance? How do yo...


    Business Strategies for Post-Pandemic Success

    The global pandemic has caused the world to screech to a halt. The pandemic has devastated both the global and national economy and can be compared...


    Office Upgrades To Improve Health And Safety

    The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything we knew about life, both personally and professionally. Because of this, we are adapting. In no area is ...


    What Happens if an Employer Pays Less Than The Minimum Wage?

    As an employer, one of the fundamental issues you must be aware of is the existing state laws governing your workers' pay and how they might affe...


    Do Employees Have to Take a Mandatory Meal and Rest Break?

    If anything is to go by, meal and rest breaks constitute an essential part of your employees' daily routine. They're the foundational blocks for ...


    7 Tips to Successfully Implement a Flexible Work Policy

    Flexible work policies have been in place for quite a while. Though the 9-5 setup largely dominates the job industry, more employers are opening ...


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