10 Best Task Management Apps to help organize your business
10 Best Task Management Apps
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May 12, 2021

10 Best Task Management Apps

We all have tasks that need to be completed. Whether at work or in our personal life, we are constantly juggling deadlines and responsibilities. It's crucial to stay on top of these things not to pile up and overwhelm us.

Keeping track of your tasks can help you increase productivity. With the right tools in place, you'll never miss a deadline again. If you're looking for a way to stay organized and be more productive, then it might be time to invest in a task management app. 

Apart from helping with  planning resources, most task management tools also help with project estimation, milestones, etc. They also take part in problem identification as well as changing the priority of methods and resources as per the circumstances available.

In this article, I will share the ten best apps that will help you organize your tasks efficiently. The top 10 list includes solutions from all segments of the industry.

What Is Task Management?

Task management is planning, organizing, and prioritizing tasks so they are completed efficiently. It's not just about completion but also achieving long-term goals within the desired timeframe. 

Task management is a never-ending process. Tasks are constantly being created, and others get updated or removed as they progress. 

A task can be anything from an email to a phone call, meeting with someone (i.e., without tracking them in your calendar), project planning session, etc. It's essential for the best tools to support all of these scenarios well. 

Why? Because different people have different needs according to their work/life balance and style preferences.

Why Do You Need Task Management Software?

Task management software (such as Clock in Easy) provides a central repository of tasks for you to access, create and update. It allows you to organize the workflows from start to finish in priority and with assigned deadlines. Task managers are usually broken down into three different sections:

What Needs To Be Done Now? 

Today's section is where all those urgent yet important things that need tending go so they don't get lost under the weight of more pressing priorities.

In progress 

Keep track of what's happening today or this week if it doesn't make sense to put it into "What Needs Doing Now" since some people prefer not to be reminded about these items until later in the day or at least when their energy levels are high.


The section for tasks that can't be completed today may need to happen tomorrow or later. Key Features of the Best Task Management Software. There are several task management tools out there. However, the best team task management tools have certain features that make task management a walk in the park. These features include:

  • A timeline for visualizing the progress of tasks.
  • The ability to set due dates and reminders.
  • An option to share a job with another person or team member so that it can be worked on together. This is especially helpful in teams where different people specialize in certain areas, such as marketing, design development, etc.
  • Conversations are associated with each task. You get an email notification when someone responds to your comment about a particular topic; this eliminates the need to send multiple emails back and forth.
  • File attachments are shared within conversations (think documents attached to messages) instead of inboxes which often leads to lost files if not monitored regularly.
  • The best time management software also integrates seamlessly into other programs and online tools so that you can easily manage your tasks with a few clicks.

The 10 Best Task Management Apps

If you're looking for the best task management apps to help organize your business more efficiently, look no further. The following are some of the best options available:

  1. ClickUp.

If you are looking for a task management app that is also a project management app, ClickUp is the best option. It has everything you need to organize tasks and projects with detailed reports for your team members.   

ClickUp is best for small businesses or freelancers. It's also free to use and offers a great mobile app that integrates seamlessly with the desktop version of this program.   

You can create and update tasks, projects, or events in one place. Once your plan is ready to go, you will receive a notification for the next steps that need to be taken. ClickUp also lets users delegate tasks if they want someone else to take over any portion of their project or task list.

This software has everything you could need when it comes to planning and organizing your business's workflow with its suite of features.

  1. Todoist.

Todoist is undoubtedly one of the best task management software for both individuals and teams. It integrates with many other productivity products, which are helpful if you use apps like Slack to communicate with your team.

It's not just for personal tasks either, as it can be used across multiple devices, including Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices. Todoist is available on the web via Chrome or Safari browsers, so you can access your lists from anywhere at any time without having to install anything on your computer first - which is always handy.

The best thing about Todoist? The task management tool offers free service until certain limits: You get 25 active projects, 100 sub-tasks within each project, and up to 200 task notes per day, which will come in handy if you find it hard to keep track of everything, including Employee Performance and Behavior Issues.

  1. Any.do.

This team task management tool is designed to be simple and elegant. It's easy to use, has a friendly user interface that is perfect for all types of users - from beginners to experts. All you have to do is set up your tasks on the app by adding details such as date-due or category. 

Another thing that's appealing about Any.do is the user-friendly interface and integrates with third-party apps such as Google Calendar, Slack, Zapier, Trello, or Outlook (personal).

This way, you can add alerts for due dates in your calendar from within a task list - so it's easy to keep track of all your tasks. Any.do has a feature that allows you to share your tasks with other team members, which is very helpful if you want them on the same page as you and help out when needed. And best of all? Their app is free.

  1. Things.

If you are looking for the best team task management app, consider having a look at Things. It has a great feature that allows you to share tasks with other team members. It's also easy to delegate and assign tasks on your teammates' list, so it's more likely for them to be on top of their responsibilities.

Things is a cross-platform app, and it allows you to share your tasks on the go, from your iPhone and iPad. The app has excellent features that enable you to organize tasks, set deadlines for them, add subtasks - which are a lifesaver for managing big projects or complex workflows.

It's also possible to create reminders in the form of notifications on any device with iOS 11 installed (including Apple Watch). This is super helpful if you want to stay on top of all your responsibilities but still need some help keeping track along the way.

  1. Take.

Taskque has consistently been featured among the best task management tools ever since its launch. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms and Web-based, making it easy to share your tasks from wherever you are with whoever you want.

It has a fabulous user interface that's intuitive and customizable - the perfect combo for getting things done. The best part about Taskque is that you can create your tasks in a bunch of different ways. 

You can make lists, add subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, checklists on the go with its checklist feature for Android devices - all from within one apP. It also has an option to assign due dates based on priority or urgency, which helps keep projects organized when they start to pile up.

Best Feature: One of the things that sets Taskque apart from other task management apps is integrating seamlessly with third-party programs like Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. This means you don't have to copy over all your data manually every time there's a change - no more spreadsheets clogging up storage space.

  1. Monday.com.

Monday.com is a task management app with an interface designed to make it simple for individuals and teams to collaborate, plan, execute, review and repeat with ease. It's free forever, which makes it the perfect platform for personal productivity or if you're in charge of managing your company's projects.

As one of the best task management software, Monday.com is a highly rated option on the market today, with over 100,000 users and counting in more than 120 countries.The software also offers Outlook, Google Calendar, and Salesforce integrations, making it seamlessly compatible with your company's existing technology. 

Monday.com is the best task management app for teams because it provides an easy way to share updates, post status reports, and sync calendars instantly with other team members - without sending emails or attachments.

  1. Nifty.

Nifty is a task management tool that offers the best service for assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and viewing reports. It also allows you to create subtasks with different priority levels and many other features essential for project management, such as task dependencies, resource allocation, and more.

It integrates seamlessly with Google Apps and has a very user-friendly interface. It's one of the few task management apps that are not only affordable but can be used by freelancers or teams alike.

Nifty's simple design provides excellent functionality, enabling users to track deadlines and stay on top of their work effortlessly using this app.

This is an intuitive tool that helps professionals manage projects efficiently while saving time and money. Nifty doesn't require any downloads or updates as it runs in your browser, making it a breeze to use.

  1. Quire.

Quire is sleek and practical for freelancers, small teams, or individuals looking to manage projects more efficiently. Quire offers an in-depth task view which allows you to see what stage the project is at - whether it's a draft or final version.

It also helps users understand where they need help by tracking every minute of their work time on each project. This app has features like linking tasks with one another so that deadlines remain visible and setting up recurring reminders based on individual needs.

All your data remains private within the app, and external distractions are eliminated as there are no social media links built into this application. It's free for personal use but comes with some limitations when used commercially.

  1. Backlog.

Whether you are a business or a freelancer searching for the best task management system, Backlog is bound to be a perfect choice for you. It's an app specially designed with the freelancers in mind, as it offers features like estimating time and effort required per task, managing client relations so that they don't overlap one another's deadlines, etc.

Backlog is available in both the Google Play Store and iTunes and can be accessed online and offline. The best part about this app is that it's free for personal use but comes with some limitations when used commercially.

  1. ProProfs Project.

ProProfs Project is a top task management software that offers a plethora of features. It comes with the ability to create and assign tasks, track time spent on each project or task so that you can stay ahead of deadlines in real-time, manage your contacts directly from within it, and much more.

ProProfs Project is available on the Google Play Store and iTunes and can be accessed both online and offline. It doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it does its job. The layout is easy to navigate through, and there are some handy keyboard shortcuts too that make navigation quicker than ever before.

The app also comes with an inbuilt report generator which provides you quick access to all your data - like how many tasks have been completed or what project has taken up most of your time this week? And this isn't just accessible from within the software itself; you can export these reports into PDFs, so they're easy to share with your team members.


I hope this article on the best task management app has helped you decide which one to use. By investing in the right task management app, you will be able to find the best way of organizing your schedule and tasks. Keep in mind what your priorities are and how much time and effort you want to spend using the software before picking it out.


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