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Invictus pharmacy logo

As a Pharmacy Owner, I stumbled upon ClockInEasy while seeking a simple and affordable timesheet application. A great solution for companies trying to lower their overhead costs and unnecessary administrative expenses. I highly recommend this for independent pharmacy owners, healthcare practice managers and other retail companies.

Meyer D , Co-Founder, Invictus Pharmacy

Powerbear logo

Its straight forward. All of my employees have flexible schedules with varying hours. I print out bi-weekly reports and I know EXACTLY who worked for how many hours. I am saving a TON of money. This is especially helpful when I am out of the office on business travel and can't keep an eye on each of my guys. Love it, and I wouldn't be able to work without it!

Adam S , CEO, Powerbear

Perfume brother logo

I use their service for my perfume warehouse and its very easy to view my employees attendance from anywhere. So whenever I am out of town I don't have to worry about my employees showing up on time. I also love that I've gotten rid of the need for storing paper because everything is now saved on my account in the cloud.

Ankit G , CEO and Founder, Perfume Brothers

Creative Capsule logo

I can easily see when my crew got to their designated jobs from the app, and it helps me with job costing to see how much I'm spending per job. Good thing is I don't even need to call my team, I know that they arrived. Thanks to the ClockInEasy team for providing great support and making payroll a 2 minute process! Definitely recommend for businesses with employees on the field.

Scott K , CEO, Creative Capsule Films

Primary Care logo

Every time I call ClockInEasy they are genuinely happy to help. They are so friendly and easy to connect with. The customer service agent helped me work through payroll and project reports to make sure I used their system in the best way. And working at home is so easy now that I can manage my team from their app!

Cindy M , Office Manager, Rosenberg Primary Care Clinics

Singh Contractors logo

We have been using ClockInEasy for over a year now and I highly recommend it to any business owner. It has saved our company countless hours of keying timesheet data and was very easy to set up with our payroll provider. We used to spend almost a day doing payroll each week and now it takes us less than an 1 hour. I can not imagine going back to paper timesheets.

Anand S , Partner, Singh Contractors

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