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Instant Payroll: Seven Strategies to Achieve a Faster, More Efficient Payroll Process

As one of the most vital administrative tasks for businesses, proper payroll management has a direct impact on success, profitability, and longevity....

Time Tracking

Buddy Punching: How to Stop Time Theft Today

So, What Exactly Is Buddy Punching? Buddy Punching is when one employee asks another to clock in or out for them. For example, you are running...


Small Business Bookkeeping Basics: How To Streamline Your Business

What is bookkeeping? The simple answer is that bookkeeping is the process by which every financial transaction incurred by your business is writt...


Paid Time Off Policy: Sample Policy + PTO Explained

Paid Time Off Explained Paid time off or PTO allows for employees to take time off from work and is generally flexible in order to meet employ...


How Remote Work Can Make Employees More Productive

Remote work is taking industries by storm, as employers and workers alike realize the benefits of telecommuting. In fact, a recent survey publish...


FMLA Guidelines for Employers: Requirements to Stay Compliant

Among the many legal obligations that employers have, one of the most important is the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA. Employees who experience...


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