How To: Clock In and Out -

How To: Clock In and Out


Users can clock in and out with our mobile app available on Android and iOS. Follow the steps below to download, login, and clock in with the ClockInEasy mobile app!

1. Download our mobile app on the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) by clicking the link below
App Store:
Play Store:
2. Once you've downloaded the app, locate and open the ClockInEasy app
3. Enter your login email and password to sign in
4. Welcome to the home screen. Use the slider to clock in!
5. If you have face recognition ON, you will be prompted to take a photo to clock in. Note: If the system does not recognize you, you will be prompted to "try again" or "proceed anyway"
6. After clocking-in, you will be brought back to the home screen with a slider that says "Clock Out". When it's time to clock out, use the slider to take a photo just like you did to clock in.
7. Once you clock in via our mobile app, a timesheet report is created under the reports tab where you may edit and view more details including GPS location, employee clock in/out photos, and more!
If you need any help along the way, feel free to contact the ClockInEasy Support Team via chat, phone, or email at anytime!