How To: Setup Overtime -

How To: Setup Overtime


Note: Only owners and users with appropriate access can set up Overtime configuration.

1. Login to your account at
2. Click your name in the top right corner and when you see the dropdown, click "Settings".
3. Once the "Company Settings" page is open, click the "Overtime" tab on the left panel
4. Select the start day of your workweek by click the field and selecting the appropriate day
5. Select the checkbox(es) that apply to your company policy including Weekly Overtime, Daily Overtime, and Daily Double Time. Select the amount of hours that concurs with your company policy and the selected overtime calculations.
6. Note: If you are a California based company, select the toggle that says "Use the general California overtime rule"
7. After you have made the necessary changes to your Overtime settings - click save in the bottom right corner of the page. Once your Overtime settings are saved, you will see the calculation of Overtime pay reflected in the reports tab.
If you need any help along the way, feel free to contact the ClockInEasy Support Team via chat, phone, or email at anytime!